How It Works

Step 1: Secure Login

This is where you would initiate the background screening process by logging into our secure portal and selecting the appropriate background screening package to run on your candidate, then provide the necessary personally identifiable information such as Name, SSN, DOB, Address(es), Drivers’ License Number, etc.

NOTE: Packages and report names may have changed.  Our ordering system is streamlined to provide maximum search capability, while still providing same service.  Some existing client standard packages may incorporate additional reports, but maintain existing pricing!

NOTE: New login screen will require a third identifier

  • Account ID
  • User ID (additional required feature)
  • Password
Step 2: Authorize Background Check

As part of the hiring process, you would have already notified the applicant (as required by law) that a background check would be conducted on them as a condition for being offered a position in your company. Once Step 1 is complete and the background check is authorized, our portal will automatically provide an identification number and allow you  to attach the release directly to the application.

Step 3: Screen Applicant

The employment background screening process is initiated by our team. 

NOTE:  If you used the applicant invite feature, then our portal will automatically send the Applicant an email containing a secure link for them to authorize the background check and disclose necessary personally identifiable information.  The portal will automatically follow-up regularly to remind the applicant to complete the electronic application until they have completed the authorization process.

Step 4: Monitor Screening Progress

We make it convenient for you to monitor the progress of your order through your secure login in our portal. Searches that are complete or in progress at a given period of time are available for your access through the portal.

Step 5: Check Report Results

The person responsible in your organization is notified via email that the pre employment background check report is complete and a link to login is provided.

NOTE: Our portal allows for the applicant to monitor and  receive a consumer copy of the report

Step 6: Make Hiring Decision

It’s decision time now. If the background check report comes in clear without any red flags, you have performed due diligence and can progress the candidate to the next stage of the hiring process. If however, the applicant has a red flag on their report that could be an obstacle to hire, you will need to follow these FCRA guidelines:

  • Pre-Adverse Action notice including Consumer Copy of the report (Our software generates this document with one click)
  • Leave file open for a “reasonable” amount of time (5-7 business days recommended) in the event that the applicant would like to question or contest the results of the report.
  • Once your “reasonable” waiting period has ended (5-7 business days recommended) and Adverse Action notice including Consumer Copy of the report should be sent to the applicant (Our software generates this document with one click).

Enhanced Features

The new system allows for an increase in efficiency.

Attach Release 

No need to Fax or Email the release, attach it directly to the request.

Applicant Invite

Send a link to the applicant to fill out their requested information.

Why Us?

Our platform simplifies the screening process.


Accessible ordering across all your devices


Our Authorized Agency status allows for greater scope of service


BRS offers packages and pricing to meet your business needs


Our user-friendly interface makes screening fast and easy