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FCRA – Compliant Documents

Release Forms

Candidate Release

Used for employment and credit background checks

Louisiana State Police Release

Used for candidates in compliance with LA RS 40:1203.2

Tenant Release

Used for candidates that are applying for tenant residency.

Volunteer Release

Used for candidates applying to be a volunteer.


Privacy Policy

Our Data Collection Practices

Screening Policy

Our Background Check Practices

Terms of Use

Usage Practices regarding our website.

FCRA Documents

Pre Adverse Action

Provide Notice to a candidate that does not qualify for the position due to information in the background check.

Adverse Action

Provide Notice to a candidate that employment will be denied due to information in the background check.

Notice to Users of Consumer Reports

FCRA guideline for your company’s legal obligation when using consumer reports.

Summary or Rights

FCRA guidelines for candidates to help them understand their rights regarding consumer reports.

Candidate Dispute Form

Provided to Candidates for them to dispute any discrepancies on their background check.

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