Cost Effectiveness

BRS is able to offer services at a lower cost than many of our competitors because we have developed an efficient business model that uses technology to dramatically reduce expenses.

The pre-employment screening business boils down to moving a lot of information in and out. Making sure that all that information moves in the right directions can be time consuming and costly.

Most of our competitors deal with this problem in one of two ways:

Common Mistake #1: Save time and effort by simplifying the out-flow. Companies often opt to outsource all their work to a single vendor. This saves money because it requires very little work; everything that comes in goes out to the same place and comes back in from the same place.

The problem with this method: large, nationwide vendors charge higher prices. They have to because they are re-selling work done by smaller companies, many of which are in-turn re-selling work done by individual contractors or even smaller companies, and so on. The longer the chain, the higher the price. Companies who use this method pass those high costs on to their customers. They also often have problems with turn-around time and accuracy; each time the information changes hands it takes more time and widens the margin for error.

Common Mistake #2: Hire a large staff. This method involves maintaining a large network of independent court researchers. Dealing directly with a person in each courthouse who reports directly back is the most accurate, fastest, most inexpensive way to conduct background checks.

The problem with this method: it's an organizational nightmare. These companies have to keep a large staff to complete hours upon hours of data entry, sorting, filing, writing, editing, re-writing, re-sorting and more. They spend so much time just trying to stay organized that customer requests often sit idle for hours, or even days. Paying a large staff to work all those hours is extremely expensive, and these costs are passed on directly to the customer.

The BRS Method:

Our success lies in technology. We began developing the Apply2Check system several years ago as a way to let our customers place orders and receive reports via the web. Over time, we have built Apply2Check into a comprehensive data management system that accurately and efficiently sorts, organizes and routes information for us with minimal effort by our staff.

Apply2Check allows us to deal directly with courthouse researchers all over the country. Because Apply2Check sorts and routes information automatically, It's easy for us to maintain a large network of courthouse researchers while keeping our costs down. Apply2Check let's us provide fast, accurate service to our customers at a low price.

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