We recognize that each organization is unique, and take pride in our ability to adapt our service to meet our customers varied needs. Stretching to fit when and where were needed allows us to grow in ways we may not otherwise have thought of, and allows our customers to do their jobs the way they want to do them.

For example, an BRS customer with several branch divisions came to us with a problem. People were applying to more than one division, and our customer was concerned that background checks were being unnecessarily duplicated. Within one week, we added functionality to our ordering system to allow our customers to link accounts, and to be notified when an order is duplicated within the associated accounts.

In fact, BRS started a drug testing program at the request of one of ourcustomers. They trusted us and enjoyed our excellent service, and keeping separate vendors for drug testing and background screening was inconvenient. They asked us about it. We researched our options quickly, and the drug testing service was born.

Sometimes our customers just don't want to hit the tab key three times to enter a social security number, or don't like the way something is arranged on the ordering screen. No matter how big or small the request, we always listen and do our best to accommodate. We welcome our customers requests because we see them for what they are: opportunities to improve.

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