Background Research Solutions ("BRS") provides criminal record background checks and Pre-Employment / Employee background screening services. BRS background checks are also utilized for criminal records checks, civil litigation history, Workers' Compensation Claims screening, and/or other information; such as credit reports and driving (MVR or OMV) records.

BRS Employment Screening Services

Background Research Solutions reported results are produced from compiling real and official criminal records, lawsuit history, commercial records, even financial records and other information. At BRS, our focus always is on affordably providing complete and accurate official reporting results.

BRS background screening services are used by employers to verify the accuracy of information and claims submitted by applicants on job applications and resumes, and even used during the interview process. BRS provides complete, accurate, and verifiable reporting on our research information, which is relied upon by many employers and other individuals every day.

You can depend on accurate, verifiable reported results from BRS just like so many employers and other individuals do every day. BRS background check services and solutions are requested by employers for job candidates; especially those seeking positions requiring high security or a position of trust, such as in a school, hospital, financial institution, airport, and government.

Criminal Background Checks Online

The types of information Background Research Solutions reports on vary depending on many factors, but commonly include:

. . . and many others!

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